RCI and II Timeshare Exchange

What is Timeshare Exchange?

After purchasing a resale, you can use the exchange services of RCI or II to trade your timeshare weeks with others in resorts around the world, giving you endless possibilities when it comes to planning your much-needed vacation time! You can choose to stay at your own resort location each year, or explore new countries. See the Andes, ski the Rockies or visit an old country estate in England; whatever suites YOUR interests!

RCI Timeshare Exchange Company

RCI adds an extra element of appeal to timeshares by allowing you trade weeks with people in other locations to experience a worldwide variety of vacations. The flexibility is amazing! RCI timeshares are available in 85 countries offering more than 3000 resorts for you to choose from! No other exchange company can beat its sheer size or number of years in the business.

Interval International

Interval International (II) is another exchange company with an outstanding history and reputation. II offers exchanges at more than 1700 resorts. Imagine having 35 countries to choose from when planning your dream vacation. It's a benefit that is all but unattainable for many people, but not for you! With your memberships at II or RCI, you will receive resort listings each year and an update magazine throughout the year. As a bonus, you can keep your weeks and still take advantage of great prices on last minute vacations.